The Beatles Untitled (II)

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The Beatles   Untitled (II) 1968

Photographer:  Tom Murray

Photograph signed by Tom Murray

Chromogenic archival color prints

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Untitled II (St. Katherine’s Dock)

“Some of the more interesting pictures were down by the Thames, and I was always looking for the serious mood shots.  John suddenly dropped to the ground and closed his eyes, pretending he was dead. I have no idea why he decided to do that.  The Beatles laughed – nothing for me.  Then they went deadly serious.  John had his eyes closed and the rest looked on with serious expressions.  One for me.  George put on John’s glasses and Ringo felt his forehead.  John opened his eyes – another frame for me.  The whole incident was over in seconds.  I really don’t think they planned it beforehand. The boys were getting on really well that day.  I know it was presorted at that time they weren’t but all I saw were four boys having a great time.  Yoko was out of shot and joining in with the japes, too.

It’s weird now to look at this image.  How were any of us to know what would happen 12 years later?  I was actually in New York then.  This photograph was considered for the cover of Time in December 1980, but in the end they decided it was too spooky”.

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