The Beatles Ready, Set, Go

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The Beatles, Ready, Set, Go  1968

Photographer:  Tom Murray

Photograph signed by Tom Murray

Chromogenic archival color prints

20 x 24        ¥319,000        $3,000        Limited edition of 185

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READY, SET, GO(Old Street Underground Station)

In order to get the pictures wanted in this location, The Beatles used a wooden plank as a ramp and climbed on top of a large concrete block that was in the middle of a roundabout next to Old Street Station.  Situated above the photographers, the group posed for some of their move lighthearted shots of the day.

“This was a lot of fun, they were just play acting the whole time; it was a sequence of five shots and took about an hour.  Before we got there I’d been following them in the car and lost them, so I ended going the wrong way down a one-way street at 80mpr to catch up”.

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