I Speak Music – Ramones by George DuBose

George DuBose was the “official” Ramones photographer for the second half of their career. From Subterranean Jungle to Adios Amigos, his photos and designs produce packages that reflected the group and their music. This book is one of a series of photography books that tell the stories behind the creative process and the photo sessions. Unused and unseen images tell even more of the story. This book is a “must-have” for all Ramones fans, young and old.

Author: George DuBose
Publisher: Wonderland Publishing
Edition: 2 edition (March 18, 2013)
Photographer: George DuBose
Pages: 104 Pages
Language: English
Dimension: 8.5 x 0.2 x 8.5 inches
Price: $20.00 plus shipping and taxes, where applicable