Madonna…Raw: A Very Early Concert First Edition by George DuBose

Not many photographers would dare to show all their photos from a single shooting to the public. When the editor of the Encyclopedia Madonnica told me that he needed to see all of my shots from a single concert by Madonna that meant I needed to rescan all four rolls of 35mm B&W film that I had shot in October, 1981. Reviewing all the images, I saw that there were shots that I had forgotten all about, quite a few really nice shots, many more that were OK and only a few that were blurry from Madonna’s movements or out of focus.So to end any further discussion, here are all the shots. I wrote a short text about my Madonna experience and include a short interview with the guitar player that played with Madonna onstage that night so long ago in Roslyn, Long Island, NY.I present to you here the real Madonna. Before recording contracts, before she had decided on her stage costumes, before she had the songs that would become her hits.

Author: George DuBose
Pages: 116 Pages
Language: English
Dimension: 8.5 x 0.3 x 11 inches
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