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I was nine years old when the Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan in the U.S. I was a fan of the Beatles before this event and have never stopped being a major fan. With a brother 5 years older than I and who was at a perfect age to embrace the new age of music, I was raised during the 60s and 70s on all the great rock stars. Love of the music has remained with me to this day.  It is part of my soul and spirit.

About 15 years ago while strolling through Soho NYC, I walked into one of the early galleries that was selling fine art music photography.  I immediately fell in love with the photos and all the emotions and memories associated with these iconic images. So much so that I negotiated with the gallery to represent them in Tokyo, Japan where I lived, and still live, to organize gallery events. I arranged about 10 gallery events over the next several years. I had the great pleasure and fortune of meeting photographers such as Bob Gruen and Henry Diltz and organized exhibitions of their photos in Tokyo. It was a great thrill to talk with Bob Gruen about his time spent with John Lennon when he was one of his key photographers, Bob is the photographer of the iconic shot of John Lennon wearing his NYC T-shirt.

Through organizing these events I gained an appreciation of the genre of fine art music photography. I also began collecting photographs for my own account. Many of these photographs are included in the Private Collection presented on the gallery site.  They include album cover shots (from the original negative) by Robert Freeman of the Beatles’ Meet the Beatles, Beatles for Sale and Rubber Soul.  It also includes five platinum prints by Jim Marshall.  All number one editions of limited editions of 25 or 50.

I decided to create this online gallery, based in Tokyo, Japan, in order to share my love of these photographs with similar minded music lovers in Japan and around the region. I hope you will take time to browse through the work of the many photographers that have shared their beautiful images on this gallery site. I would be happy to talk with anyone interested to learn more about these photos and who are looking to create their own collection of fine art music photography.  Please feel free to email me at info@classicrockphotography.jp.

Bruce Pomer, Tokyo, Japan February 2018

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